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Less is more!, Luggages

When we are preparing for a travel, we end of picking up and almost everything and packing them into bags. Sometimes we might not even use it. Experienced travelers know why it is said "Less is more.". Would you like to carry around heavy and bulky bags when you are far from home. Specially when you have to run or walk from place to place trying to make sure that all you belongings are still yours ? Well, according to the experienced travelers, they only consider about packing only a one bag. Now you are wondering what is this bag. They usually use size of a bag that mostly fits in the overhead compartment on today s airlines.

Packing Up
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Less is more! Packing up.

Why less is better?


To put it simply, you all know that one bag is easy to keep than two or three. It's inconvenient to keep check all the bags and you don't have to risk loosing them altogether while you are traveling.


One bag means less and it's easy to carry. You don't have to pay someone to help you or put up for those Luggage Carts (Smarte Cartes) at the airport. Since you only have a one bag you will not be tempted to useless things because there won't be enough room for anything extra in your bag. It kinda saves you some money as well.

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Less is more! Waiting.


You don't have to about worry about getting early or sticking around long after your flight with a one bag. You can run through the train terminal faster and push yourself more quickly into the back seat of a taxi cab. And no problem with the customs inspections.

Well, now you are convinced about limiting your travel bags to a one and on the other hand you might be wondering how on the earth that all these necessary stuffs are going to fit in a one bag So, now that you’re convinced you should limit your travel bags to one, you may well be wondering how on earth to fit all your necessaries into a single Luggage, satchel or backpack. You have to pick carefully what you need for your trip and take only those things: If you think, “I might need this”, then it’s probably safe to assume that you don't actually need it. If you think, “I can’t live without this”, then you better put it into your travel bag.

Extra tips:

  • Plan to do laundry on your travel (that means even doing them in your hotel room sink!). This way you will not feel being forced to take a lot of clothes.
  • Take clothes that you can mix and match at anywhere anytime.
  • Use travel-size products for your toiletry items and remember that most of them can be refilled and reused, even a tube of toothpaste with enough patience and manual dexterity. It will be a bit hard to find these travel-size items but you will not be disappointed.
  • Maximize all the space available. Underwear, socks and other clothe items can be packed inside larger items such as shoes.
  • Don't forget to check the weather of your destination ahead of your departure time so you can plan your clothes accordingly.
  • Just in case you are dying for a good or a bad souvenir, take one or two worn out items of your clothes, wear them once and toss them out, now you have the space for your precious whatever you want. (Yay!)

And, finally, the most important travel tip of all : remember to have fun, wherever you go, however you get there. (Cheers!)

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